Can Arnica help with dark circles under the eyes?

With our hectic days and busy lives where we try to squeeze self-care in when we can, we can come to the mirror each morning and notice some heavy dark circles or puffiness under our eyes; why?


Dark circles and puffiness can be caused by many factors. It can be:

  • Genetics
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies
  • Poor diet
  • Hyperpigmentation from sun exposure
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Stress
  • Too much alcohol
  • Excessive Salt or Sugar 

 These can all contribute to puffiness and dark circles. Another common cause is loss of elasticity and collagen. 


Arnica – nature's anti-inflammatory plant

Arnica is one of our favourite herbs and is highly efficacious. It's been used for thousands of years to treat bruises, and the German Commission E approves it externally for oedema (swelling and puffiness) and bruises resulting from injuries, muscular and joint pain, and inflammation caused by phlebitis. 


Clinical studies show that it has a robust anti-inflammatory effect, improves tone, and removes puffiness and swelling (who doesn't want that!) This makes it an invaluable ingredient for helping reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.


What other ingredients help?



Retinoids are important to reduce the appearance of dark circles. They do this by promoting collagen synthesis and re-organising the collagen bundles to help tone and tighten the skin. They also decrease melanin and melanin production so the skin appears smoother and less discoloured. 


Our formulations are all made by our co-founder, Margo Marrone, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We use Vecto-retinoid, the hottest ingredient in Retinoid technology. It combines Bakuchoil (a naturally derived retinoid, meaning it has all the benefits of Retinol without the downtime) with a delivery system grafted on chlorophyll, which makes it 10x more bioavailable (absorbable) than regular Bakuchiol and no side effects of retinol such as irritation or sensitivity.




Caffeine eye creams have been used for decades to help with dark circles and perk up tired eyes, but how? Caffeine is particularly effective in tackling dark circles that come from capillaries under the eye and broken or leaky capillaries, causing darkness and puffiness. A study showed that caffeine can penetrate under the eye skin and lower oedema (puffiness) and pigmentation. No baggage on our watch!



The dreamiest of ingredients, it is touted as the latest ingredient to tackle inflammation or inflammaging (ageing and inflammation). But what does that have to do with dark circles and puffiness? Well, simply put, it helps hydrate and reduce inflammation whilst tacking fine lines all at once, smoothing and brightening the under-eye area. If you're nerdy like us, we have a blog on the science behind Calmandarin and why we love it here.



Peptide Power

The hot topic ingredient is peptides. Peptides are an essential part of skincare. This particular peptide is naturally derived and one of the latest clinically proven peptides shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and expressions in just five days. Smooth, hydrated skin helps keep the area fresh and firm, minimising any puffiness or discolouration. 


4D Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

We all know hyaluronic acid by now and the critical role it plays in hydration. Keeping the under-eye area hydrated helps plump the skin under the eyes, making them look rejuvenated and firm.



Why did we choose 4D in our formula? Unlike other Hyaluronic Acids, 4D combines four different molecular-size HA molecules to help with immediate plumpness and build a 3-dimensional network, like a 3D protective mesh, that helps keep skin elastic, hydrated, and replenished. 



Resveratrol revolutionised. If powerful antioxidants and grape seed extract had a baby, it would be Resveratrox. As a potent polyphenol, it reduces inflammation, which leads to less puffiness, more collagen and toned, smooth skin. 




30 Second massage for eye baggage

Based on lymphatic drainage and boosting circulation, massaging the under-eye area and practising your affirmations with our No baggage Cooling Eye Serum really help drain any excess fluid and baggage (physically and mentally). The cooling rose quartz crystal roller not only helps the ingredients penetrate deeper, but the crystal itself adds an extra healing frequency. 




How to do it:


  1. Twist your no-baggage eye serum on, squeeze a little serum, and twist it off. 
  2. Start at the inner corner of the eye and gently roll to the outer corner of your temple.
  3. Repeat this 15 times on each eye, saying your affirmation.
  4. Repeat morning and evening.


Watch the full tutorial here!



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