Eyeam is a community-driven wellness destination on a mission to align your skin with your mind, body, and spirit

Marrying tradition with innovation, we believe in our cells’ ability to heal through the powerful connection of nature, science, rituals, and affirmations.

While wellness has traditionally separated these fundamental pillars from one another and treated each in isolation, we feel that true wellness is achieved when they are in harmony with one another. 

Welcome to your wellness prescription. 


    Our unique blend of four different-sized hyaluronic acid molecules creates a 4-dimensional network that instantly plumps, hydrates, and volumises lips.


    Twice as active as resveratrol, this is a potent antioxidant and free-radical fighter to give a plump and youthful glow. Works on the reduction of wrinkles, cell protection, and rejuvenation.


    A new and patented chlorophyll-powered technology that delivers bakuchiol with skin penetration 10x higher than regular bakuchiol. With similar properties to Retinol, vecto-retinoid delivers all of the benefits with none of the downtime. It forms a supercharged shield to prevent and treat dry, chapped lips and reduces fine lines.


    A universal crystal that amplifies energy, raises vibration and promotes healing. This powerful ingredient works in synergy with our other natural ingredients to deliver maximum benefits to your skin.


    A clinically-tested ingredient that targets wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, and boosts hydration.


    A naturally occurring acid found in grains (and in our skin microbiome!), this multi-functional powerhouse gently exfoliates the skin and reduces pigmentation, wrinkles, redness, acne scars, and inflammation. This multi-tasking ingredient will become a staple in your routine.


    An award-winning extract up-cycled from organic mandarins, Calmandrin is shown to combat 'inflammaging' by reducing pro-inflammatory factors and collagen destruction through gene expression. It boosts collagen, reduces inflammatory responses, and reduces redness and irritation.


    This clinically proven and innovative new ingredient supports the brain-skin axis, enhancing cognitive performance, elevating mood levels, and reducing mental fatigue.

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The female founders

eyeam was founded by Margo and Roxy Marrone, a mother-daughter duo with a deep knowledge of mind, body and spirit healing - and a shared desire to help those around them heal themselves. 

Margo is a Cosmetic Formulator, Pharmacist, Homeopath and Energy Healer with over 30 years of experience in the wellness industry

Her daughter Roxy is an Integrative Nutritional Health and Manifesting Coach who has fostered a strong community with her online platform Healing with Roxy.

At 24, Roxy suddenly developed hormonal acne which affected every aspect of her life, most notably her confidence and self-esteem. After sharing her struggles with her mother and her community, she learned that she wasn’t alone.

Together, Roxy and Margo developed eyeam as a solution backed by both science and spirit to help others connect the dots and restore balance.

"eyeam was the solution to my problems. It drove me to create a community where I could share my healing toolbox with everyone suffering from similar problems, both physically and emotionally." - Roxy Marrone

  • MIND

    Our mind is a subjective lens through which we experience life: our thoughts become beliefs, and our beliefs become reality. When we put out negative thoughts, electromagnetic signals impact the mind-body-spirit connection that is so vital for our well-being, and a vibrational imbalance takes over. The language we use with ourselves is so important, yet often dismissed. Be it better skin, a healthier body, a promotion at work, or finding love: our thoughts, beliefs, and words can dictate the outcome of our dreams. And it all starts with the words we use. Affirmations are integral to the eyeam prescription, helping you rewrite your story, reprogram your mindset, and shift your narrative. By changing your internal dialogue, and committing to a practice of self-love, you can transform your entire life - from your skin to within.

  • BODY

    Nourishing our bodies with whole foods and natural ingredients is crucial to well-being and longevity. Our bodies thrive off of a natural cleansing cycle, which we can support by nourishing ourselves with clean and natural ingredients. The powers of movement, nutrition, and breath-work are crucial in your healing toolbox - emphasising each cell’s innate capacity for healing. Going back to basics, we believe that everything we put in and on our bodies should elevate, nurture, and help restore balance through alchemical ingredients found in nature. Your body will show you what serves it and what doesn’t (through acne, immune illnesses, inflammation). Be sure to listen to it. Think of your body as the first responder to the call, what you feed, apply, and nourish it with, is what you receive.


    Psycho-spirituality is at the core of eyeam. We are all made up of energy, vibrations, and atoms that can be both raised and lowered. Incorporating spirit into your daily routine can be transformative, and it is our mission to help raise your vibration through crystal activation, affirmations, and acts of self-love. Our key ingredients Vitamin T (touch) and Vitamin L (love), are immensely powerful tools for looking glowy and feeling great. When you align your intentions (what you think) with your purpose (what you do), the real magic happens. See the eyeam community as your healing toolbox, always available when you’re in need.

  • SKIN

    A glowing complexion is more than skin deep: our mind-body-spirit connection can dictate the health and appearance of our skin. Our co-founder Roxy’s experience with hormonal acne illustrates the importance of equilibrium among the pillars, and underlines why we firmly believe in using mind-body medicine to transform us from within. Nature has a solution to every problem, and thanks to co-founder Margo’s 30 years of experience, we have the expertise to translate this into our formulas. Our clinically proven + tested active ingredients have been carefully selected to work in synergy and deliver transformational results. 

These 4 pillars are deeply intertwined and connected to one another. Utilise the science of inner alchemy, unlearn and reframe the negative language you know, and nourish yourself with clinically proven ingredients, both internally and topically. It all starts from within. 

Our sustainable commitment

We are committed to making eco-conscious choices in every aspect of our business, from the materials we use to the manufacturing process and even sourcing of ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with products that not only meet your needs but also minimize our environmental impact. Every action counts to protect this beautiful planet we call home. Read more here

Hormone Health

Hormonal imbalance and adult acne are very real and current issues. During our co-founder Roxy's battle with hormonal imbalance and adult acne, she realised that she wasn't alone, and that millions of other women were suffering too.

The ensuing cycle of shame, negativity, and confusion which played on a constant loop in Roxy’s mind became the driving force behind creating eyeam, as did the strong community that grew from her sharing her journey online. eyeam exists to educate, convey solutions, and offer a safe haven for anyone who can relate. 

Here, you’ll learn the foundations of rebalancing your hormones through curated tips, tricks, recipes, and videos