Calmandarin- The Anti-inflammaging effect



"We know that inflammation is one of the leading causes of premature ageing of the skin, so including an ingredient that fought inflammation was important to us. "Margo Marrone 


What is inflammaging? 

Inflammaging is the combination of inflammation and ageing. A process that can occur when we don't nurture our skin and bodies with the nutrients they need. 


When does inflammaging occur? 

  • when we consume processed foods 
  • chronic + oxidative stress
  • obesity 
  • gut permeability
  • chronic infections
  • processed sugar 


How to fight inflammging with us 

Our Clinically proven ingredient from Up-cycled Chios mandarins – CALMandrinTM 


The historic orchards on the Greek island of Chios are home to a traditional small distillery where both the juice and the peel of the Chios mandarins are used for the gentle distillation process of organic fragrance production. 


The remaining nutrient-rich and thick peel pulp (pomace) is the raw material for producing the active ingredient CALMandrinTM, which we use in our products. This up-cycled and potent material (traditionally discarded) is rich with antioxidants and phytonutrients that are extracted through a gentle, water-based process. A hidden gem delivering a sustainable source and powerful antioxidant boost that help fight inflammaging. 


What does that do for our products?

Calm redness, increase density and firmness of the skin and fight inflammaging!


Proven efficacy


In vitro 

  • Reduction of inflammatory gene expression in keratinocytes
  • Reduction of inflammation reaction induced by inflammatory keratinocyte secretion
  • Reduction of protein carbonylation induced by inflammation in keratinocytes
  • Increase in procollagen I secretion in keratinocytes
  • Production of newly formed collagen in skin explants


In vivo

  • Reduction of skin redness
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Improvement of skin firmness
  • Improvement of skin density



Benefits of CalMandarinTM


  • Calms irritated skin
  • Soothes inflamed and reddened skin
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Improves skin firmness and skin density


 Our co-founder Margo, who formulated all the products herself, will ONLY use natural ingredients with clinically proven results. We love sharing all the nerdy details, so if you're not into it, just skip the next part


  • Reduces NF-kB activation

The NF-kB signalling pathway is involved in immune regulation and contributes to the inflammageing process. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the effect of Chios mandarin extract on the key inflammatory regulator NF-kB in human dermal fibroblasts. For this purpose, cells were pre-treated in the presence and absence of Chios mandarin extract. Inflammation was then induced and active NF-kB was analyzed. 


Inflammation resulted in robust activation of NF-kB and its translocation to the nucleus. Pre-treatment with Chios mandarin extract significantly reduced NF-kB activation, demonstrating suppression of NF-kB signalling and, consequently, inflammageing. 


  • Reduces Inflammatory Response 

 To investigate the effect of Chios mandarin extract (CalMandarin) on inflammation, in vitro studies were performed using keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts. For the keratinocyte assay, cells were treated with an inflammatory cocktail to stimulate chronic inflammation in the presence and absence of Chios mandarin extract. Analysis of genes essential for the inflammatory response revealed that Chios mandarin extract decreased the expression of inflammatory markers in keratinocytes. In a second assay, dermal fibroblasts (skin) were treated with the secretion of UV-stressed keratinocytes to simulate inflammageing conditions in the presence and absence of the Chios mandarin extract. Again, analysis of genes showed that the inflammatory response was reduced by treatment with Chios mandarin extract, representing an anti-inflammatory effect. 



  • CalMandarin Extract Increases Young Collagen 


Since the inflammatory response was reduced in keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts (skin), we wanted to test whether Chios mandarin extract affected collagen deposition. Therefore, dermal fibroblasts were stressed with H2O2 in the presence or absence of Chios mandarin extract. Oxidative stress decreased the secretion of procollagen, whereas treatment with Chios mandarin extract counteracted this effect and increased the procollagen released compared with the stressed control. In addition, an ex vivo study was performed on skin explants with a cream containing 2% CALMandrinTM or the corresponding control. The treatment with CALMandrinTM for seven days showed a visible increase in the ratio of young to mature collagen. 


  • CALMandrinTM Soothes Reddened and Irritated Skin 

To show the calming and rejuvenating effect of CALMandrinTM, a randomized placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted on a panel of volunteers with signs of skin redness and photo-ageing. Twenty women aged between 51 and 68 years (mean 60.9 years) applied a cream containing 2% CALMandrinTM or a corresponding placebo on each side of their face and on two separate areas on the forearms twice daily for 28 days. CALMandrinTM showed a visible improvement in skin redness 

by −15.9% compared to initial conditions. Interestingly, facial skin redness was already decreased after 7 days of CALMandrinTM- treatment demonstrating a fast-acting effect on reddened skin. 



"Treatment with 2% CALMandrinTM increased skin elasticity by 29.5% and 29.3% after 7 day"


  • CALMandrinTM Rejuvenates The Skin 

In addition to skin redness, the effect of CALMandrinTM on signs of ageing was investigated on the same panel of volunteers. Treatment with 2% CALMandrinTM increased skin elasticity by 29.5% and 29.3% after 7 and 28 days compared to initial conditions. Furthermore, CALMandrinTM enhanced skin firmness by 13.9% and 16.9% after 7 and 28 days, respectively. Only 7 days of CALMandrinTM application enormously improved skin elasticity and firmness, highlighting a rapid improvement of the skin parameters. Besides skin firmness and elasticity, 2% CALMandrinTM significantly improved skin density measured on the forearm by 11.1% after 28 days of treatment compared to initial conditions. 



Which of our products has CALMandarin in it?



Our crystal-clear pigmentation and spot treatment is perfect for acne, scarring or pigmentation to replenish the skin and restore your natural glow. Unlike many other beauty products and 'natural remedies', it's 100% vegan and is designed to make you feel as good on the inside as you do on the surface. 


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