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 How Mentally Draining Acne Can Be

Whether you're 50 or 16 and your breakouts are once a month or multiple times a week, it can be the most futile feeling to constantly find bumps and texture on your face every morning. An acne breakout can feel like the end of all ends. Don't worry, we feel you. We know just as well as you do the torture and pain that our mental health takes when we feel hopeless about our skin. Like everyone is watching, looking and judging those imperfections, you fixate on each day. 

Co-founder Roxy Marrone's Skin pre Healing Journey


When that dreaded spot pops up, it's like acne alarm bells start ringing on your face, and you begin to spiral. Not cool, right? But here's a secret: You've got to work on the inside as well as the outside to get that clear, radiant skin. It's all about treating the root cause rather than just treating your symptoms. Everything is connected, and one domino effects the other. 


What you need with your Azelaic Acid Spot Serum


Let's talk food. Did you know inflammation is the party pooper at your skin's wellness wind-down routine? Our gut is known to be our second brain and needs to be adequately fed to perform many bodily functions. e.g., 90% of serotonin production is made in your GUT! That means if there is a problem down there, it will negatively impact your mood and skin! We're all about the anti-inflammatory diet here, a non-restrictive guide crafted by our very own co-founder and acne trooper, Roxy Marrone. Download it when you sign up to our newsletter, try it, live it. 





According to the National Institute of Health,  18% of people with acne declared to be stressed every day, and 75% of US doctor's visits are stress-related symptoms. Stress is like that ex who never gets the hint. It just makes everything worse. But we've got that covered too. De-stress with our Anti-inflammatory Sublingual Hormone Balancing drops. It's like a miracle in a bottle, initially formulated by co-founder Margo for Roxy's Hormonal acne journey. Packed with clinically proven goodies like Timmut Pepper (supports your gut-brain-skin axis, Lemon Balm (supports a calm nervous system), Neem (anti-inflammatory and antibacterial), and Turmeric (anti-inflammatory and immune support).


Now, the outside. We know the urgency, the desperate need to make those spots disappear faster than you can say 'acne'. That's where Margo, our co-founder, chief pharmacist, formulator extraordinaire, and Roxy's mum, steps in. She's whipped up a spot treatment that's the superhero of the acne world. It's got it all - reducing redness, breaking down blackheads and clogged pores, with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, tamping down inflammation and most importantly, gentle enough to not damage your skin barrier as most harsh treatments do!



The secret weapon? Azelaic acid. A high-tech, clinically proven ingredient working its charm in so many ways.


What does it do?

Say goodbye to keratin build-up (thickness of skin)

It's a total hero, taking down acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation, dissolving keratin, and keeping pores clear. It's like the bouncer at your skin's club—no dead skin cells allowed!


Got skin pigmentation worries?

Azelaic acid has your back. Combined with our other innovative ingredients like White Willow Bark (a natural form of salicylic acid) for your hyper-pigmented spots, leading to an even-toned skin that'll have you glowing.



Redness and swelling?

Azelaic acid to the rescue! It's like your skin's best friend, always there to soothe and calm, reducing those flare-ups and making you look fabulous.


Worried your too sensitive? We got YOU bestie

The best part? It's safe for most skin types—yep, even you, my sensitive-skinned beauties. It's delicate, non-irritating, and can play nice with other treatments.

Where to find her?

Our Crystal Clear Spot + Pigmentation Treatment:  perfect for acne, scarring or pigmentation to replenish the skin and restore your natural glow. Unlike many other beauty products and 'natural remedies', it's 100% vegan and is designed to make you feel just as good on the inside as you do on the surface. 

So, ready to kick acne to the curb? Here's your game plan:

  1. Embrace the anti-inflammatory diet.
  2. Take the hormone check drops daily. Remember to stack the hack under the tongue with our eyeam affirmation prescription!
  3. Whip out the Crystal Clear Spot and Pigmentation treatment at the first sign of a breakout. Reapply as needed. She's ready to eat and leave nothing behind.
  4. Say your affirmations + gratitude. You're beautiful, inside and out.
  5. Take a walk in nature and breathe. Your skin will thank you.

And remember, consistency is key. Stick with it and watch the magic happen. You've got this!



Want to chat about any more tips and how to decrease feelings of stress, reduce feelings of anxiety and generally improve your quality of life? Just get in touchI’d love to hear from you.


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