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So, what are affirmations and how do they work?

Affirmations may seem like a new-age phenomenon, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

In reality, the psychological theory behind why this type of cognitive restructuring works is grounded in reality. And the good thing is, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

But before we get into all that, let's start with the basics… 

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmation definition: "The action or process of affirming something."


"the action or process of affirming something."

Sure, that sounds simple - and it is! But making it apart of your daily habits it makes it so powerful.

By affirming the statement, you make it true. Even if you don't believe it, your subconscious does.

How? When you think, you use your conscious mind - the rational thinking mind, which has little control over your primary energy vibration (we can either be operating at a high vibration or a low vibration - when you are on a high vibe frequency, it becomes easier to manifest, cultivating anything you desire). But our negative thought patterns come from our subconscious mind, which contains all our beliefs, stories and perceptions. So by concentrating on rewiring our subconscious mind - that's when you're negative thought patterns can break. And we do this with our secret ingredient, repeating positive affirmations.

What's the Science? Neuroplasticity + Neurogenesis 

Neuroplasticity is the lifelong capacity of the brain to change and rewire itself in response to the stimulation of learning and experience, Neurogenesis  is the ability to create new neurons and connections between neurons throughout a lifetime. That means you can REWIRE and RELEARN hold habits that don't serve you and create a whole new life. All you need is daily repetition.

Studies show that these processes simultaneously enhance vigorous longevity, health, happiness, and wellness.


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With affirmations, you can transfer your conscious thoughts into subconscious habits. It's about making what you think part of your automatic subconscious mind. Shifting your mindset allows your energy to be free and your intentions to be precise, naturally leading you to your purpose.

Pairing affirmations with good feelings is the key. This is how you reprogram your subconscious mind, rewire your brain, and break the negative loop, creating a new vibration: the world of psycho-spirituality.

The affirmation: "I am showing myself unconditional love."

Don't believe us? Just wait, there’s some actual science behind the theory of affirmations too.

A study of 108 university students found that positive affirmations restored a positive sense of integrity:

"The study showed that self-affirmations expand a self that has become constricted under threat. Without affirmation, a threatened identity dominated feelings of self-worth. However, a self-affirmation broadened participants' perspective, thereby weakening the evaluative impact of the threat and restoring a positive sense of integrity based on one's broader views of self.'

Another research claimed, "An abundance of research has shown that self-affirmation has a wide range of effects on emotion, cognition, and behaviour (Sherman & Cohen, 2006; Steele, 1988), often reducing or eliminating defensive reactions to psychological threat."

Affirmations and Re-Writing Your Story

Affirmations are an essential part of re-writing your story. Too often, we get caught up in the opinions of others and stuck in obsessive thoughts that negatively impact our emotions and beliefs about ourselves. These repeated thoughts, or as we call "untruths," become our story and language to ourselves. If you don't like your current story, don't worry. All you need to do is change it.

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That's why at eyeam we have embedded this powerful ritual at the root of our brand belief to subgenerate positive emotions through impactful skincare. Every time you use your eyeam product, ritualise it with your affirmation. Anything you say after I AM, you become.

Get creative and tag us in any you come up with! Each product comes with its own affirmation prompt. Remember, eyeam is your healing toolbox whenever you need it.

Where to Start With Affirmations?

Here are a few prompts to get you started. Choose the ones you are most drawn to. Alternatively, you can create your own! BIO-HACK: Write the opposite of how you feel. E.g.: "I am unlovable" to "I am so loved".

Some tried-and-tested examples of affirmations include:

I AM beautiful
I AM powerful
I AM gorgeous
I AM abundant
I AM successful
I AM worthy
I AM healed

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What Are The Benefits of Affirmations?

The upsides are endless. ✋🤚

The idea of affirmations is simple: turning negative thinking patterns into a more positive outlook. In turn, your optimistic mindset promotes happy feelings and helps you manage difficult situations. Crucially, these self-affirming statements empower you. They can transform a harmful thinking pattern into a new positive valuation - all whilst shedding any negative beliefs you may have about yourself in the process. Win-win.

But what’s the best thing about affirmations?

Time ⌚

Done right, they can transform our daily lives in just a matter of seconds. But only if you make them a part of your daily routine.

So tell yourself you're great regularly. Your future self is thanking you already. 😉

Ready for a more positive mindset? We can help you establish some healthy habits for your mind, body and soul. Just get in touch to find out how.
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