Our crystal elixir - everything you need to know about crystal-infused skincare. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

Our crystal infusion is one of our fundamental pillars at eyeam. Why? Because they help RAISE YOUR VIBE, an essential step to help shift your mindset from negative to positive.

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How do Crystals Work?

Crystals are formed when natural vibrations “crystallise” into specific stones, acting as stable anchors for those vibrations into the physical realm. These stones become tools that allow us to access and apply the power of those vibrations. We can use them for powerful healing and enhance our spiritual activation. They are one of the foundations of vibrational medicine. 

For our crystal elixir, we chose a genuine Marcel Vogel Quartz Crystal made by one of the few original master cutters. Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was a research scientist who worked with IBM Corporation for 27 years, creating the magnetic coating for disc drives and LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays, aka computer screens) technologies that are still used today. He received 32 patents for his inventions up through his time at IBM.

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Vogel knew that Crystals were powerful systems for information storage, transmission, and amplification which could be imprinted and programmed by the human mind. Think of your body as the computer and the crystal as the healing software.

We construct an extract from the Vogel crystal using precise techniques to heal the skin and raise your vibration. Quartz is a universal crystal that amplifies any energy imprinted on it. This vital extract is a potent tool in all our eyeam products and forms one of our core foundations.

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The rose quartz tip is a powerful healing tool

All our applicators are made of Rose Quartz. The crystal tips have been energetically cleared and imprinted to bring healing and increase good vibes only. So with all our topical products, you benefit from double crystal energy! Once you’ve finished the tube, gently pop the crystal out and keep it, then rinse the tube to prepare it for recycling. Read here how to recycle our tubes. Good for the planet 🌎 - great for the soul 💖


What are the Benefits of Crystal-Infused Skincare?

Crystals aren't just for your collection; at eyeam, we believe they can transform beauty routines into restorative rituals. But don’t take our word for it. These treasures are well-known for their healing powers and positive energy - and they can bring a breath of fresh air to your skincare game.

💎Healing Benefits

Crystals like amethyst and rose quartz are believed to have healing properties that address a range of skin issues, from dryness to blemishes. How? By exfoliating away dead skin cells, revealing your inner glow. Their energetic force also help heal you from within, rose quartz brings on self-love energy around you whilst amethyst cultivates protection.

💎 Lymphatic Love

Our anti-inflammatory crystal roller helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness. It’s vibrational energy charges you on the inside too; just add an affirmation and prepare for the positive power of crystals and the healing properties they bring.

💎 Natural ingredients

Unlike many other skincare products on the market, eyeam is 100% natural + vegan. And, along with the activated quartz stones, includes naturally soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile, tea tree and rose hip. You can find a full list of what else is included here. Spoiler alert: it’s all the good stuff 💪

💎4Your Energy

No matter your skin type or the challenges you face, there's a crystal-infused product that fits. It's a beauty ritual that goes beyond the surface, nourishing both your skin and your spirit. ✨So embrace the vibes that match your own unique skin.

Ready to indulge in the healing properties of crystal-infused skincare? Just roll the elixir for silky-smooth skin and newfound radiance - inside and out. 😉

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